Management Team

The current management team of ECREA’s Political Communication Section was elected at the 6th European Communication Conference in Prague, November 2016, for a two-year term and consists of


Andreas Schuck, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Email: A.R.T.Schuck [at]

Vice Chairs

Melanie Magin, University of Mainz, Germany. Email: magin [at]

Václav Štětka, Loughborough University, Great Britain, and Charles University, Prague. Email: v.stetka [at]

YECREA representative

Erik Knudsen, University of Bergen, Norway. Email: Erik.Knudsen [at]

If you have any ideas or information you want to share with the section, please do not hesitate to contact the management team by e-mailing to ecreapoliticalcommunication [at] If you have any information you want to share through this website, please send an e-mail to us!


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  1. Eva Åsén Ekstrand

    Congratulations to a a clear, informative and good looking webbsite.

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